Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Overdue Update

Finally a long overdue check in from PAR-2 land. Things have been hectic behind the scenes (again) in the past few months. After yet another move and some studio design issues, Katapult's studio appears to finally be in the green for reconstruction in what should be its final home after years of relocation. In addition Katapult and Jikkenteki (aka PAR-2) have released a track "Swamp Monster" on Ektoplazm's most recent compilation "Organic Circuitry". Download the release or purchase the CD HERE.

The long lost Zekazy has also recently been in touch. As some of you may or may not know, he has been busy in house circles in recent years under the name K!nk!e and for various reasons his trance production has been pushed to the wayside to some degree. Luckily he informs us that he's got a couple of new psy focused tracks finished and we're hoping to squeeze at least one more out of him for at least an EP release. We recommend Zekazy fans start sending him endless messages to get him back to work!

Jikkenteki has finished the writing of "The Beginning Is At The End", his third full album of the PAR-2 era. More information will follow but we are currently waiting on mastering and artwork. There are a couple of threads discussion the album at Psynews.org as well. Check HERE and HERE. Style-wise the new album is very dark and pushes some different elements of the Jikkenteki sound to the front. The trance bits and downtempo bits are both there, but there is a lot of stuff kind of in between that make the album difficult to classify.

Finally about the website. Some of you have noticed that the shopping cart hasn't been updated to in ages. Due to some changes in our hosting and some site based plans that didn't pan out we haven't been able to gain access to the cart to update it, but we are planning on redoing it as soon as possible.