Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jikkenteki DJ Set and Upcoming PAR-2 Releases

For everyone in the Northern Japan area, Jikkenteki will be doing a DJ set at Easel at Opusu in Akita City this Sat. January 28th. This set will be on the progressive side of psy and focusing on the smoother side of trance. Party starts at 11pm and goes until 5am.

We also have officially confirmed that we will be releasing Neptune's Garden artist Zekazy's debut album! The album is tentatively titled "Be Your Own Boss" and we are looking at a winter 2006/2007 release. Also in the works are Jikkenteki's double album "The Long Walk Home" which should be released around June, to be followed by PAR-2 Productions' second compilation CD. We haven't finalized a title yet, but the theme this time will center around "time".

Finally, for those who are interested in picking up Neptune's Garden but would like to get all their music shopping done in one place, Neptune's Garden is now on-sale at Saiko Sounds for $9.95. Check here for more information.

Best to all,

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Neptune's Garden in France

For those of you in France, be sure to keep an eye on Radio Altitude 97 FM's Pump Up The Volume show on Thursdays (20:00-23:30) and the repeats on Tuesdays (22:00-00:00) as some of the tracks on "A Walk Through Neptune's Garden" will be played there in the near future. For more information check here

Also for those of you in the Tohoku area of Japan, Jikkenteki will be doing his usual monthly DJ thing at "Deep" on Saturday Jan. 24th at Opusu in Akita City (11:00pm - 5:00am). For more info check here (in Japanese)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"Neptune's Garden" Sales Locations And What's Up Next At PAR-2

"A Walk Through Neptune's Garden" has slowly but surely gaining some attention and is now available at a few different locations. Obviously it is available here on's webshop, but it is also available at a few other locations.

First and forthmost it is now available on Saiko Sounds

Next, IT Record Shop in Greece has begun selling it and even proclaimed it "One of the best compilations in the last 5 years"

Rumour also has it that it is available in Sweden at Saturn's Return and in Tokyo at Quintrix.

As for what's next at PAR-2 HQ, Jikkenteki is working on the last couple of tracks for his upcoming album "The Long Walk Home". "The Long Walk Home" is a double disc concept album featuring one disc of psy-trance and one disc of ambient/freestyle madness. Tentatively we are looking at a release in late spring/early summer.

We have also begun the first steps of compiling our next compilation. In addition there is a strong possiblity that one of the artists on Neptune's Garden will also be releasing a full album here in the later half of 2006. More news on these projects when we get it.

Best to all in the New Year,
PAR-2 Productions

Long Time No See

It has been awhile since we've had a proper news blog going since the release of "A Walk In Neptune's Garden" stole its spot for awhile, but the news is back and ready for action!