Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jikkenteki DJ Set May 6th

For those of you in Japan, Jikkenteki will be DJing at Foundation on May 6th at Opusu in Akita City. Doors open at 10pm. This is a new event that Jikkenteki will be a resident DJ at. This month also features DJs from the Deep crew so there will be plenty of banging psy going on here.

Also in Jikkenteki news, "The Long Walk Home" is just about ready to go to printing. There were a few post production delays and some snags developed with events for the release party shows in Japan so the dates will most likely be changing for those shows, but the CD itself should still be available in early June. Stay tuned for more information.

PAR-2's second compilation, "Mainspring Motion" is also progressing nicely. The track compiling stage is completed and we are now waiting for the artists to get their final versions to us. Again, the tracks will be varied covering the sounds for psychedelic trance from the past to the future. Look for a fall release here.

Best to all from PAR-2 Productions