Saturday, April 11, 2009

Release Updates

Just touching base on some releases. Cronomi Records has just released their new compilation "People Walk Funny" which features Subra's remix of Jikkenteki's "Automagic". You can get the CD at these locations (among others)

As for Jikkenteki's next album "The Beginning Is At The End", we have received the files back from mastering. Now we are waiting on the artwork, after which it will be released through the usual channels.

Yes we are working on the shopping cart. Due to some server switching around, our regular access to updating it was lost, but we finally seem to have located the source of the issue. We will update it properly after "The Beginning Is At The End" is released. For those wanting to buy "Flights Of Infinity" email Jikkenteki at directly and he will hook you up.


At 4:30 AM, Blogger N said...

Jikkenteki`s "The beginning is at the end" is just awesome! Really really moody, thus danceable music! During listening to it, I thought that that`s what Twisted records should have been issuing, if they`ll still had same passion and novation into electronic music, as they had in end 90`s.

Bravo once again, you made my day mate!

All the best,


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