Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Jikkenteki Releases and Website Server Work

Things have been quiet on the web front of PAR-2 Productions recently here. Jikkenteki's second album "Flights of Infinity" has been surprisingly successful as a free download at Ektoplazm and will soon reach 10,000 downloads. The actual CD is also available directly from us (email Jikkenteki directly at jikkenteki (at) par-2.com if interested), but due to some issues with our server we have been unable to update our webshop. On that note, we will be taking over the hosting of the site directly so it is possible the site might be down at some point in the next couple weeks when the transfer takes place.

In other news, Jikkenteki has a couple of new compilation releases. The first is on Cronomi Record's "Freshly Cut Tomato" feature Jikkenteki's "Super Power Mustard" written together with 11. The CD is available at most major shops such as Saiko Sounds. Also the net label Cosmic Flower Records has put out a new free net compilation feature the old Jikkenteki track "Boom Stick Gecko". The track is nearly 5 years old now, but still a good piece of early Jikkenteki work complete with a 7/4 time signature. Jikkenteki and Katapult (aka PAR-2) will have a track on Ektoplazm's upcoming new compilation as well. More details on that when it is out.