Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back And Ready For Action

While things have been quiet on the web front, a lot has been going on behind the scenes at PAR-2 Productions. Katapult has rebuilt his studio from the ground up and "High Tide Mastering" is up and running under his control. Jikkenteki also relocated last month and the latest version of PAR-2 East Studios is also now back in action.

Musically we have some goodies up and coming. The long awaited second compilation, "Mainspring Motion" is now mastered and we have the first drafts of the art work in. Once the art is finalized it will be ready for production. "Mainspring Motion" features tracks from Prosect, E-Mantra, Amygdala, Symphonics, 11, Zekazy, Fizzy, Anakoluth and Jikkenteki. Look for it soon!

Unfortunately, Zekazy's "Be Your Own Boss" has been delayed as Zekazy's vision for the album and changed and he has started over from scratch. However work is well under way and what we're heard so far has been worth the delay. More news on this front as we get it.

Finally Jikkenteki's second album "Flights Of Infinity" has been finished and is off for mastering. Finished only 7 months after the release of "The Long Walk Home", "Flights Of Infinity" takes Jikkenteki's trademark "journey tracks" to the next level with five trance workouts clocking in at 72 minutes total. Look for the release of "Flights Of Infinity" later this spring.


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