Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jikkenteki - Flights Of Infinity Released! FOR FREE!!!

Over a year after being completed, Jikkenteki's second album "Flights Of Infinity" has finally been released. There were numerous delays and a lot of waiting involved in getting it out to you, but probably the most important issue involves changes that have been happening the last couple of years in the business side of the dance music scene in general and the psy-scene in particular.

Simply put, psy-trance sales have been terrible as of late. While there are a combination of reasons for this, the end result is that it is nearly impossible for most labels to keep even, much less make a profit, these days. With "Mainspring Motion" PAR-2 Productions was hit hard with this reality. Nearly all comments on the album were positive, the full preview version was downloaded thousands of times, but the CD sales were practically nothing. This was among several factors that prevented us from having the money to print "Flights Of Infinity" and made the future for PAR-2 Productions rather dark for a while.

Our aim at PAR-2 has been to focus on newer artists, helping them get their first few releases and spread their name. For this reason we have been hesitant to abandon the CD medium, as most pf the business side of the industry takes artists with actual physical releases more seriously than those who don't. Unfortunately the costs and numbers of copies involved in the traditional printing and distribution process are making this nearly impossible in the psy-scene today, where fewer and fewer are actually buying CDs. Luckily some new printing options have presented themselves that enabled us to still offer physical discs for those still want them or want to support our efforts, while costing us considerably less money in the process by not forcing us to print several hundred more copies than we will ever sell. Making CDs available to those who want them, instead of the primary means of getting our music out there, has enabled us to shift goals to some degree and now the promotional aspect of getting our artists' names known has become our main focus.

We have long been friendly with the people behind and right when our problems seriously came to a head, Ektoplazm was coming to the forefront as THE place to go for legitimate and legal free downloads of all things psychedelic. The new outlet they provide enables us to reach thousands more listeners than the current CD distribution model ever could have. Therefore, with the idea of promotion in mind, we have shifted to making our releases available as free downloads, while still of course having the actual CDs for sale for collectors, fans, people who prefer the medium, or people who want to support our efforts.

Jikkenteki's "Flights Of Infinity" is the first release in this new model and the results have been better than we had ever hoped, with nearly 4000 downloads in the first 3 weeks alone. Head over to to download it now HERE. Or order the CD directly from the printing company HERE or at our webshop here on as well.